Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Summer project!

When I was in Summer vacation, I spent most of the time to stay at home and sew. I don't have a sewing machine yet, so I sew all of my project by hands. Luckily they are small, however, it is really hard to sew them together since they are small..hahaha....I know it didn't make any sense here. Here we go:

I forgot the name but this is a penguin  from Sanrio

This little seal's name is Mamegoma from SanX, 

And  I still have more:

Hello kitty

Pig wears Kimono

Mameshiro couple

Mr. Bear from Ouran High School Host Clud

Rice ball couple

Some of my crochet project!

Winter is coming, and I become obsess with crochet again. This time, my crochet skill has go up to a higher level. Before, I can only crochet really simple pattern, but now, I can make a complete one like this one:
or this one

Just a little explanation. I didn't make the smaller frog, I purchased him on etsy from hellomomo123. She is really nice and caring. I am glad I bought the frog from her.
This Doreamon I made as a gift to a friend. I follow a pattern I found from a blogspot, it was in Spanish so I used Google translate to understand some of the words. Overall, it is quite an easy pattern.
My big wanted pattern is this adorable mameshiba the madame green pea. I tried to make one I never sucessed. This one is just out of fluke, I don't even know how did I make him/her.