Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It is indeed an usual day today, the weather is really hard to predict. It was just sunny and now it turns into a gray-isd color. Is it the begining of winter? My friend said he didn't like the look of the sky, it makes him sad and have a headaches. He is so different from me, I like sky like this, not too sunny, too windy. A perfect day for a walk on Signal Hill or at the beach. However, on second thought, I wish it was sunny a little bit so I can see the sunset at the beach :). Well, last night I was doing my nails until 1am. It can't be help because I got home at 10pm. I wasn't quite sastified with my nails before so I want to redo them. They turned out fine fine this time, not as I wanted them to be though.
I used a pale oragne color so now my nails look like yellowish-failed. annoy with my unskill-ness.

Oh I forgot to mentioned, there are a lot of nice people in this world though, who would help other people without asking anything else in return. The word is still beautiful.
Now, while I mentioned about nice people, there are also a lot of people make everyone uncomfortable. I don't want to give out the name of these people so please let's me keep it as a secret, I just don't want to talk behind someone back.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nail art

I just got these little cute polymer clay cane from ebay, so then I right away put them on my nail. Have you ever seen these little nail art on google or youtube. They are pretty and absolutely beautiful.
Well, since I don't have the skill or kinda lazy I just randomly put on any design I like on the nails :D...they turned out cute, for me :>...Hope you like it and try on your own nail art too

Sanx Character

Have you ever hear about kamohashikamo, or Rilakkuma or Tarepanda? They are all very cute characters from Japan, a company name San-X. They are very hug able and with just the first look you will fall in love right away.
Now, let's enjoy some cute pictures of them

my polymer clay

Recently, I really into polymer clay, and to my surprise, there are a lot of people who are so amazing about it.So I follow some tutorial and get inspired, and here are some of my products. There are still a lot more, but they didn't turn out like I imagined :D, so there are more to go...