Monday, August 6, 2012

I want to be back!!! many days had it passed? Today I was searching for a crochet pattern (amigurumi) and saw my own blog on  Google. Now you all know how forgetful I am, :D. I want to post all of my creation on this blog and hope that someone, someday will visit my blog and then I will have more friends. <sigh> I am not a very active person, I like to stay at home and crochet or sew, so I don't have any real friend. Well, sometimes I felt lonely but to tell the truth, I like to be alone, hahaha. Alright, this is all for today. I will post new interesting stuffs from now on.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Marshmallow Bunny

Have you ever think of combine your delicious marshmallow with a cute and lovely bunny?
 The result is this adorable thing like animal which is called marshmallow bunny <3

  1. Before I realize it, 2011 is gone and 2012 came! This is what I had done for the past whole year, 

 January,I made a promise with myself to become a better person, but I failed to do it!
Feburary, My birthday, super disappointed!
March and April, a stranger came into my heart, and refused to leave
May, had a fight with someone I treated as my sister and in a cold war with her until now
June, Summer school started, the stranger was leaving but I refused to let's him go
 July, I broke up with my first boyfriend for a month, how many tear did I cry?
         A friend I thought understood me the best said to me that I was a worst friend ever. No choice but to let's her go, it useless to wish for her to understand me, when she already judged me and found me guilty. I need to grew up and fought for myself, when I did nothing wrong.
when July almost ended, I was back with him. What could I do when he was always with me, I asked him to be friend and looked for someone else better than me. I hurt him more than I thought. He was just silently accepted it. How could I hurt someone who was always with me, who brought me smile and filled in my empty heart, who brought me back when I lost my way. I was not a devil and I was back to his open arms.
August, back to school. I met with her, the one I treated as a real sister, but I didn't want to look in her                     face...because..what kind of expression could I make when I met her eyes. Well, I knew that it was partly my fault but she was the one pick a fight first.
September, Bf's older sister told him to make me talk to her, but..why? gave me a good reason why should I? He was just my boyfriend, he wasn't not my fiancee, he was not my husband, he didn't ask me to marry him, then why should I please his family? I was really pissed off. Then I asked why did she think/talk about me, he said that I acted like a bitch.Was it wrong to hold my head high in front of someone I had a fight with? I didn't think so.
October, first time being a bride maid, I had so much fun, took a lot of picture, I was super tired but wel...talked about coincident, my friend T was an acquaintance with my mother's boyfriend. Nice! she was a very cool girl. When I was in high shcool, I thought of her as a bad girl, luckily I didn't do anything that I would regret. We've been good friend since then.
November, I had been in a slippery situation, I became so lazy and sick. My friend D. would move away. I actually was glad that she decided to move to Texas, because California brought her also sadness and unlucky events. I hoped that to a new place, her life would start as fresh as a new bloom flower.
I went to Pechanga casino, first time went there. It was a music event and I got the ticker from my mother's boyfriend's family.
December, a fun Christmas at my mother's boyfriend's family house, I had so much food to eat, gained more pound. I started to open an Esty, an online shop to sell my handmade things, but I didn't see it goes so well.....Still hoping that a New year came, it would become better.

There were still a lot of events I couldn't remember or couldn't bring them into words, but so far, that is the end of my 2011, I still am the same person as last year, still unchangable, still lazy. What will become of my life? Will I be able to change? Will I be able to forgive? It is still a question with an unknow answer!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My latest project

I got some pattern on web, then change some of them a little bit. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist

I want to have the Stitch pattern, Gloomy bear and Totoro pattern. I am dying to have them....

I don't know when these amazing people will agree to share their pattern with me.....I am so depressed!

My Boyfriend's birthday present

For him to be surprise, I pull all nighter to make him this special present. Thanks to Heaven Hell cat's pattern for this lovely Totoro. Here is her link This is what my Totoro look like, my boy friend loves it a lot
Really Thanks to Heaven Hell cat

This is my second present for him, I bough them from an youtube shop, lovebugpeach is the seller. She is very nice and her price is very cheap too.
they are squishy panda bun! they are scented and so cute!!!!!!!!
For your information, squishy things are very popular right now, I personally collected a lot of squishy bun :D